002 malta stool

Studioutte is a Milan-based multidisciplinary practice for architecture, interiors and collectible design. Established in 2020, the interior-architects Guglielmo Giagnotti and Patrizio Gola created studioutte to manifest a shared vision of warm minimalism and a vernacular approach.

The vision of studioutte is distinctly Italian yet an integrated, harmonious reality. Its hybrid design is composed of vernacular architecture research and influences across various regional practices. Through a clear, expressive approach that eludes reiterated and extreme elements, the aim is purity, a concentration into a primitive essence. A warm assertiveness meets an animistic devotion for objects and interiors. Reaching beyond the formality of simplicity, ideas are distilled into essential, poetic forms and spaces.

002 malta stool is a wooden stool that doubles as a side table. The body is made of simple intersecting lines, creating a Greek cross shape. A continuous shadow gap is carved on its vertical elements. malta is severe yet warm, a hybrid piece referring to a vernacular of Italian design in the 20th century.

Guglielmo Giagnotti and Patrizio Gola
Dimensions (cm)
W45 D45 H43 | SH43

Available in ebonized oak.

Each piece is numbered as part of a limited collection.


Each piece is handmade in Italy. The lead time for each piece is about 5/6 weeks.

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